MOT your roof twice a year


 1. If you have a chimney


  • is it leaning?
  • is there any growth coming from the top?
  • can you see if there is any mortar missing from the joints?
  • Is the flashing seated correctly

All of these can lead to potential problems.

2. Check your roof covering.


  • if it is covered with tiles or slates, are any slipped, broken or missing?

Look out for tile debris and pieces of tile lying on the ground - these can be tell tale signs of problem areas allowing rain to enter and cause rot & leaks very quickly. If you own an older property your roof could be "nail sick", from when slate nails were non galvanised leading to nail failure. You can also use binoculars to view your tiles/slates more closely. If you can access your loft look for any daylight, if your property has no felt or membrane under the roof tiles we recommend having it installed.

3. Look at the ridge & hip tiles along the top & side of your roof.


  • are they all there?
  • are there gaps where they join each other - i.e. can you see daylight through the joints?

 Gaps indicate a need to repoint the ridge tiles. If left water ingress may occur.

4. Check your gutters & downpipes


  • are they leaking at joints?
  • do they overflow?
  • are they catching water from the roof or is it running down the wall?

Gutters & downpipes leaking could indicate a blockage or joint failure & sometimes fracture.If left damage to external brickwork & damp problems may occur. Repair is usually straightforward.

5. Examine Sofits & fascias


Behind the gutters are the soffit and fascias and at the end of the roof quite often there are barge boards.

If they are made of timber check for signs or rotting & paint peeling.We recommend replacing with upvc.

6. Roof sag & gabble end drop


  • Is the pitch of your roof consistant?
  • Has a gable end sagged?

A sagging roof may indicate rotten, warped or woodwormed roof trusses. Repair usually takes the form of bracing to stop further sagging.In extreme cases more major repairs are required. Gable end sag is nearly always rotten tile bearers caused by damp ingress form the cemented gable becoming cracked or eroded. Repairs are fairly straightforward.



7. Flat roofs


Check for damage at the seams & any sign of the felt perishing. Pay close attention to the flashing sealing the flat roof to the house. A quick ten minute check can save you a bigger bill if left. Flat roof failure can end up causing considerable damage inside your home.

Check your roof twice a year! All the above problems are less costly if dealt with sooner rather than later. Please don't attempt to climb up on your roof, leave it to us if you would like a free appraisal of your roof condition!

Maintenance checklist-Roof download
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